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carbon black replacement sustainable filler







CFIは、高品質の製品、安定した供給源、物流、そしてサービスを一貫して持続的に提供することで、グローバル企業リーダーのために、より収益性の高いイノベーションを推進しています。当社は30年以上にわたり、製品の一貫性や配送に正確さが求められる市場において、メーカーが処方、最終製品、プロセスを改善するための支援を行ってきました。また、私たちのコア産業及び  アスファルト舗装および建設用製品 のような新しい市場のにおける、新しい用途のテストにおいて、貴重な協力関係を築いています。

sustainable filler carbon black replacement

On average per year, our customers

reduce CO2 emissions
by up to 1.4 million pounds

based on an average annual purchase of 616,802 pounds.

Fill more molds with fewer pounds of material.

Thanks to its low specific gravity, Austin Black 325 can fill up to three times as much volumetric space as other mineral fillers, creating more finished product at a significantly lower per pound volume cost. 


As one of the most cost-effective pigments and mineral fillers available, it has a specific gravity of 1.30. When compared to the specific gravity of carbon blacks at 1.80, and other mineral fillers at 2.60 to 2.90, Austin Black 325 helps manufacturers lower compound costs, which ultimately leads to increased profitability. 

Improve air retention.

Austin Black 325 has been shown to improve air retention by 21.6% in tire inner liner applications.


Read the results of a recent study by ACE Laboratories that evaluated the performance of Austin Black 325 in a butyl inner liner application. The platy structure of Austin Black 325 helps create an air barrier within rubber compounds to reduce air permeation and improve air retention.

More Molds
Air Retention

Help resolve carbon black supply chain issues.

Austin Black 325 can be used as formula-improving carbon black extender to help alleviate supply issues.


Demand continues to increase for filler and extender products across industries like rubber reinforcement, paints and coatings, plastics, masterbatch, building products, and most notably the tire and automotive sector. With three US plants for processing and eight local sources for raw materials, you can rely on our tightly controlled operations for consistency in quality and delivery.

Talk to our team to learn about the benefits of using Austin Black 325 to replace a portion of the carbon black in your formula.

Supply Chain

私たちは、翻訳サービス、世界中の戦略的な販売店との関係、納期厳守の納品を保証する高度な管理体制で、 グローバルコラボレーション を容易にします。   

carbon black replacement

プロセス  において温室効果ガスや廃棄物が発生しません。 

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