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CFI Products Offer Promising Benefits for Asphalt Industry

Backed by more than 30 years of experience helping manufacturers improve formulas, end products, and processes in other markets, CFI filler materials are positioned to benefit the asphalt paving and construction markets.

As an asphalt additive, Austin Black 325 offer versatility and many formula-improving attributes not found in other fillers. For manufactures looking for recycled filler material, rCB is one of the highest quality reclaimed carbon blacks available. Unlike Ground Tire Rubber, Recovered Asphalt Shingles, and Recovered Asphalt Pavement, rCB offers the properties of carbon black with less waste and reduced greenhouse gases.

Some of the potential benefits and features not delivered with other additives include:

  • Volume swell in asphalt emulsions, perhaps by as much as 20%

  • UV resistance in all asphalt products

  • Maintaining “blackness” in products such as driveway sealers

  • Fillers for mastics

  • Meet sustainability goals with rCB

Market applications include polymer modified asphalt, asphalt emulsions, and construction products such as asphalt-based mastics, waterproofing materials, and roof coatings.

We understand the need for, and value of formula testing and are committed to collaborating on research and development. In addition to having an on-site ISO 9001:2015 certified lab for for product monitoring and analysis, we work with ACE Products and Consulting for research and development, and customized formula testing.

If you’re interested in the learning more about the benefits of Austin Black 325 and rCB in asphalt applications, contact our team.


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