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rCB is a high-quality recovered carbon black that offers customers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective filler option. Produced from scrap OTR tires, rCB is extracted using a pyrolysis thermal vacuum batch process that maintains the valuable properties of the material and is better for the environment.


One of the highest quality reclaimed carbon blacks available, rCB offers the filler properties of carbon black with less waste and reduced greenhouse gases.

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Environmental Impacts 

Reduced rubber waste

Fewer greenhouse gases


Sustainable solution for scrap OTR tires

Fill With Sustainable Value and Less Waste.

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Tires (All Types)

Automotive Seals, Hoses, and Belts




Conveyor Belts


Paints and Coatings


Commercial Roofing (EPDM, TPO)


Sealants and Caulks 

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What CFI customers are saying: 

“CFI provides consistent products with good service.”


Raw Materials Supplier
Rubber, Plastics, and Coatings Industries
carbon black replacement

No greenhouse gases or waste is generated in our process. 

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