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Company Profile

CFI is a privately-held filler supplier for manufacturing industries such as rubber, silicone, plastics, and coatings. 


Established in 1987 with plant locations in West Virginia and Virginia, we drive more profitable innovation for the global industrial leaders we serve with sustainable consistency in quality product, source stability, logistics, and service. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards with an on-site ISO certified lab for product monitoring and analysis and work with ACE Products and Consulting for research and development initiatives – to ensure top quality product, optimal process, and overall formula improvements for our customers. 


Our signature product–Austin Black 325–is one of the most cost-effective and versatile organic fillers available, compared to other clay, talc, and calcium carbonate fillers. It can reduce product weight and improve profitability, while increasing processability and flowability. Austin Black 325 is also produced via a CO2 neutral process and stable sources, so it offers more sustainability and better long-term cost planning than competitor products. Our consistent, high-quality product and highly-attentive customer support positions manufacturers for success and inspires long standing collaborations. With three US plants for processing, eight local sources for raw materials, our on-site lab, and third-party lab, reliability is ensured. Likewise, on the delivery and logistics side of the business, our 30 years of experience and complete control of operations help us to provide exceptional services and on-time global delivery. All of this adds up to high marks from customers and partners for product and service. In fact, 94% of customers surveyed rated service from CFI at above average or excellent. In markets where product consistency and delivery require precision, CFI and Austin Black 325 deliver.


At CFI, our mission is to help each customer improve formulas, end products, and processes in order to achieve more profitable innovation. While being fully dedicated to the daily needs and successes of our customers, we also proudly commit to a culture of manufacturing progress that spans across multiple industries as evident in our research and development initiatives.


For these reasons and more, we are a great manufacturing partner and provide a great place to work. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us to tell us more about your goals. 

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Company Profile
carbon black replacement

Sustainability Practices

Our processes and products are responsibly engineered for improved resource productivity.


By setting environmentally-sound goals and achieving them at CFI, we can also help your company achieve your sustainable manufacturing goals. We produce zero emissions from industrial processes and only an insignificant amount from vehicle traffic.


Our signature product Austin Black 325 is produced by taking bituminous coal–a naturally occurring raw material–through a specialty milling process without added chemicals. The result is a more CO2-neutral product than a regular Carbon Black which is made with burning oil or gas.


To support our on-going commitment to sustainability practices, we work with Ecovadis for regular environmental impact assessment.

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Our people are knowledgeable and committed to supporting your business.


Alese Jewell

Inside Sales Representative

+1 (276) 322-4675 ext. 105

Reviews and Ratings

Our consistent, high-quality product and personalized customer service are rated 4.5 stars by customers.

carbon black replacement sustainable filler

In fact, 87% of customers surveyed rated CFI product quality Above Average or Excellent.

Top Reasons for Choosing CFI 

reported by customers include: 

Reliable, good quality product and good customer service

Good people, good product, competitive pricing

Quality product and on-time shipments

Consistent quality, higher purity

Quality and price

97% of customers surveyed said they would recommend CFI to others.

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We are proud to offer global distribution to manufacturing leaders around the world.

carbon black replacement sustainable filler


Our U.S. plants are strategically located in West Virginia and Virginia.


Tams, WV Plant

4099 Tams Highway
Sophia, West Virginia 25921
+1 (304) 683-5775

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Bluefield, VA Plant

271 St. Clairs Crossing

Bluefield, Virginia 24605 

+1 (276) 322-4675

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