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carbon black replacement

Plastics Industry

CFI helps customers in the plastics industry improve formulas with cost effective and versatile organic fillers that are backed by personalized science-centered service. Our signature product–Austin Black 325–has a low specific gravity that allows manufacturers to save time and money while adding valuable chemical and ultraviolet resistant properties to products and masterbatches of all shades and colors.  

End-Product Advantages

Increased Profitability
Thanks to its low specific gravity, Austin Black 325 can fill up to three times as much volumetric space as other mineral fillers, creating more finished product at a significantly lower per pound volume cost. As one of the most cost-effective pigments and mineral fillers available, it has a specific gravity of 1.30. When compared to the specific gravity of carbon blacks at 1.80, and other mineral fillers at 2.60 to 2.90, Austin Black 325 helps manufacturers lower compound costs, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.

Chemical and UV Resistant
The chemical and ultraviolet resistant properties of Austin Black 325 make it an excellent addition to plastic and coating formulas for customers looking to achieve end-product advantages while improving their overall bottom line.

Greater Versatility

The low tint strength of Austin Black 325 offers greater versatility for use in a variety of color applications, in addition to black. With a tint strength of 11.4 by ASTM D3265, Austin Black 325 has an overall low impact on tinting material black, making it an excellent organic filler for all color applications.

Increased Processability

Austin Black 325 works as a process aid to decrease mixing time of masterbatches. Its small particle size allows it to readily disperse in plastics and rubbers without causing agglomeration or sacrificing the dispersion of other ingredients. 

Low Specific Gravity
UV Resistant
Save Time
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What CFI customers are saying: 

“Working with CFI helped us achieve production efficiency.”


Masterbatch Manufacturer
Plastics Industry

We partner with manufacturing leaders in over 26 countries. We make global collaboration easy with translation services, strategic distributor relationships worldwide, and highly controlled operations to ensure on-time delivery. 

carbon black replacement

No greenhouse gases or waste is generated in our process. 

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