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Austin Black 325

Fill More Molds with Fewer Pounds of Material.

Produced from high quality, low volatile, sustainable bituminous coal, Austin Black 325 is a dry, finely divided powder with low specific gravity. Known for its consistent, versatile, and formula-improving attributes, it can reduce end-product weight and increase your profit margin.


Compared to other clay, talc, and calcium carbonate fillers, Austin Black 325 is one of the most cost-effective and versatile organic fillers available.

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Formula Improvements 

reported by customers include: 

Reduced end-product weight

Increased processability


Greater flowability


Improved compression


Higher insulating properties


Long-term durability


Odor-scavenging attributes


Reduced air permeation and improved air retention

Improved efficiencies in manufacturing


Helped resolve air entrapment issues in various compounds


Additional loading with cost reduction

Cube Pattern 2.png

Tires (All Types)

Automotive Seals, Hoses, and Belts




Conveyor Belts


Paints and Coatings


Commercial Roofing (EPDM, TPO)


Sealants and Caulks 

Cost Savings

reported by customers include: 

Lower cost per batch.


Lower cost and reduced IIR rubber usage.

75% of customers surveyed reported cost savings as a benefit of using Austin Black 325.

Some reported saving up to 25%.

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What CFI customers are saying: 

“With Austin Black 325, we achieved better air retention and compression set.”


Raw Materials Supplier
Rubber, Plastics, and Coatings Industries
carbon black replacement

No greenhouse gases or waste is generated in our process. 

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